The Texas Chapter of the American Federation of Teachers Identifies Their Grievances with Senate Bill 8

Senate Bill 8, signed into law this summer, is seen by mean as a permanent move toward performance-based pay for K-12 public school teachers.  The changes it makes to the Texas Education Code will change many aspects of teachers’ contract terms and rights.  One major change is the elimination of longevity as a protection against termination.

Follow this link to read about Texas AFT’s positions on the legislation:

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Opponents of Performance-based pay in Texas

Teachers’ unions and other professional organizations are allied in their opposition to performance-based pay.  Below are links to organizations in Texas which oppose performance-based pay.  News briefings and policy discussions are available therein.

Texas State Teachers’ Association:

American Federation of Teachers, Texas Chapter:

Association of Texas Professional Educators:




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American Federation of Teachers’ Position on Teacher Compensation

Teachers’ unions represent the main party in opposition to performance-based pay models.  The American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s largest teachers’ union, is no exception.  Follow the link below for a detailed outline of their position as well as what policies the union advocates.

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A Case Study of Texas’s Performance-based Pay Programs

The Center for Educator Compensation Reform is a non-partisan government organization.  Their case study of performance-based pay in Texas outlines the history of educator pay, identifies stakeholders, presents preliminary findings, and discusses the design, implementation, and sustainability of such compensation models.

Follow this link for the study:

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Advert #3

Here is the link to the advertisement that I will be critiquing (Note- there is only one image to critique in this blog):

The following advertisement is a Mitsubishi Electric Ad that has the following copy: “Cooling in any room without ductwork…Visit our website to learn more (this line is a link).” I think that this is an example of a bad advertising copy because of the wording in the ad. A common man probably does not know what the word ‘ductwork’ means (I don’t!), and thus can become confused from the only sentence in the Ad. IN my opinion, it would have been better to say this: “Cooling in any room without the hassle.” Overall this ad only has one line, and its confusing enough that I would not click on to learn more about them. Thus, it is a bad advertisement.

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Hornets changes hope to work

Here is the link to the article that I will be commentating about:

In the article listed above, it speaks about how the New Orleans Hornets basketball team must continue to be able to put together a solid team with their new recently acquired teammates Marcus Banks (guard), Jarrett Jack (guard), and David Anderson (center). These new players were obtained from the Toronto Raptors in exchange for veteran forward Peja Stojakovic and young guard Jerryd Bayless, who the New Orleans Hornets actually traded for right before the start of this season. While Bayless was playing well as the primary backup to All-Star point guard Chris Paul, he is not as much of a veteran as Jarrett Jack is, who is the best player the Hornets received in the trade; and the Hornets value leadership and experience very high at this point, in some cases over raw talent. It also doesn’t help that both Jack and Paul have been friends since high school when they were playing AAU basketball.

However, if this trade does not work out and the team starts to lose, then it could be faced with PR nightmare. The Hornets are currently 11-1 in the NBA, which is the best record in the league. The teams chemistry has been outstanding with Paul leading a bunch of young talented players into the forefront of the NBA. No one has been complaining about the team, so thus I pose the question: why trade now? Peja’s deal expires at the end of the season, and Bayless has a lot more years left in the league than Jack. Both players were playing well and fitting into the system, and the team was rolling on all cylinders. Thus there clearly is no need for a trade. I understand that the Hornets organization wants to keep its All-Star player happy, and bringing in one of his pals will certainly help, but I don’t see why the team didn’t play with what they have until they had to. I mean, why mess with a good thing, right? If the team starts to lose after this trade, then the organization and coaches will have to face tough questions and a PR nightmare.

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Notes- Week 11

In class last week, we went over more about press releases and web pieces. We also had our assignments peer-reviewed in addition to having a oppurtunity to write down our opinion on the class thus far. The following are two tidbits relating to what we did in class that I found most intriguing:

  • In reference to having both our web piece and latest press release about Bennett’s cafe peer-reviewed by another member of the class,  I must say that I am so happy that everyone in the classroom is getting able to share their own opinion about different people’s work. It is always good to have an extra set of eyes look at one’s work, so I am very happy that we were able to peer review each others work.I am anxious to see the comments on my piece…
  • In relation to receiving the opportunity to jot down our opinion on our writing for advertising and PR class, I was pleasantly surprised that we were able to share our feedback with the teacher so early in the semester. Often times students are not able to give their teacher anonymous feedback regarding their teaching of the course until after the course has been completed. I am glad we were able to share our feedback earlier because it allows for the teacher to adjust his/her lesson plan if necessary to cater to the classes needs.
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